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17 FREE Website Backlinks That You Should Be Using

What are backlinks and why should you create them?

SEO requires a lot of technical, creative tactics but some of these tactics are more important that others, some of the main SEO tactics are optimised website design, keyword research, Meta data optimisation, and backlinks.
Backlinks are links from other websites that are directed towards your website.

Quality backlinks

When people search on Google, Google shows them the best and most reliable search results and one way that Google determines this is by ranking websites authority. Quality backlinks are links to your website that increase your page authority. The more backlinks the more popular and authoritative your website looks, this leads to a higher search ranking.

A quality backlink will give your website more authority but in the same way, a bad(or spam like) backlink will damage your website's ranking.

So when you’re looking to add new backlinks to your websites it's important to check the websites authority and spam score, you should always add backlinks from websites that have a higher page rank than your website.
You can check your websites backlinks here.
It might be worth checking your competitors websites too so that you can identify some reasons why they might be out ranking you.

In Ireland, it can be hard to find online directories to get backlinks for your website so we are giving you 17 FREE ways to create backlinks.
We are leaving out the obvious ones like Facebook, Twitter etc.
We have tested each of these websites using to ensure that the links are not spammy and that they have a high page authority.

  1. 1. Golden Pages:
  2. 2. Yelp:
  3. 3. Local Directory:
  4. 4. Your Local:
  5. 5. Hot Frog:
  6. 6. Whats What:
  7. 7. Search:
  8. 8. About Me:
  9. 9. A Greater Town:
  10. 10. Brown Book:
  11. 11. Cataloxy:
  12. 12. Four Square:
  13. 13. Linkedin:
  14. 14. List Company:
  15. 15. Linnk By Me:
  16. 16. Next Biz Door:
  17. 17. Slideshare:

We have lots more backlinks and other tricks in our SEO toolbox, if you'd like us to help with your websites SEO then please contact us here.

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