4 Main Reasons to Redesign Your Website

Web re-design

A lot of our website design business comes from customers that need their website redesigned. These are the four main reasons that you may be considering redesigning your website.

1. Your Website Design is Starting to Look Outdated

Maybe your website isn't mobile Friendly, maybe it was designed with mobile design as an after thought either way, a fresh look and feel can make a massive difference to your online conversion rate. If a client visits your website and it looks old they might be put off, new websites are easier to navigate and generally look better.

2. Increase Search Engine Ranking

SEO is constantly changing.... every year, Google changes its search algorithm around 400 to 500 times a year. These changes are normally small but over time make a big difference. Updating your website every year or two can keep you ahead of the curve and at the top of Google.

3. Your Website Is Not Mobile-Friendly

The numbers vary but it's estimated that 23 percent of websites are not mobile friendly. With Google's update moving to mobile first it's now more important that ever to have a mobile friendly website.
You can test if your website is mobile friendly here.

4. You're Being Left in The Dark

Integration with Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools makes it easy to see how your website is performing. It allows you to track different metrics and see how your website is performing on social media, marketing campaigns and for search terms. With these tools, you can see where you're falling short in your search engine ranking, check where traffic is coming from and the number of visitors staying or leaving your website.

4.2(bonus reason) You're website is too slow

When was the last time you checked your websites loading speed?
Check your websites loading speed here.
At Wonderful Websites page speed has kept us up at night. Between getting the best servers performance, to how to reduce page redirects without sacrificing on design. We have an obsession with page speed. Page speed has a massive impact on SEO and how your business performs online.

Thanks for reading.

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