Custom Built Content Management Systems

Wonderful Websites is happy to announce that we are now offering a custom built CMS for all new websites.
Our custom CMS allows you to login and update your website whenever you need. The CMS allows you to change sections of your website in HTML which gives fast and easy way to update the content on your website.

Custom CMS Login Area

Why are we using our own custom CMS and not wordpress?

There is two reasons why we built our own CMS.

1. Poor Security on Wordpress websites

Wordpress has a history of having constant security vulnerabilities.
You can find a list of them here. Wordpress is open-source and this has led to a lot of hobbyist's developing plugins with serious security issues.

Our CMS isn't open source, this means that the only people building for our CMS is our experienced professional developers.

2. Complete Control over the Websites Design.

Unlike A Wordpress Theme our custom built websites can be designed to fit your business. At the design stage every part of the website is changeable without breaking the website.
Our custom website design gives us increased flexibility over your websites design and build. With our websites CMS being built in house there is no downtime due to security issues.

Our Custom Website CMS

We offer website design at an affordable price.
Why not request a free mock up to see how we can build you a custom website with an easy to use CMS.

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