Google is Sending Security Warnings for HTTP Websites

Security Warnings for HTTP Websites

Google has started sending out notices to website owners that from October they will be updating Google Chrome(version 63) so that it will now warn users if a website does not have a https certificate.

If your website has a contact form that contains the form fields like < input type="text" > or < input type="email" >it will tell the users the website is not secure.

Also if the website is being viewed in incognito mode, it will show the 'Not secure' warning on all pages anyway.

This means that website owners have two months to implement HTTPS on their website.

Some people have reported getting the notice even though they have https on their website. This is probably because their website isn't setup correctly and some pages are not being redirected to https. Best practice is to set up a 301 redirect for https.

Below is a Google Search Console notice that was sent to us:

Security Warnings for HTTP Websites

If you have a website with us than there is no need to worry, we will be adding https to all of our websites for free over the next month.

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