Free SSL certificate with all Web Designs

Having an SSL Certificate gives customers peace of mind when visiting your website, it's also a requirement when handling sensitive information and processing sales online.

Google has also started using https as a ranking factor so it now helps your SEO.
Although it's a very lightweight signal it is still important to stay ahead when it comes to SEO.

Essential website security

HTTPS is starting to become essential for website security, this is when we are enabling it for free.

SSL cert's can cost anything from $9.99 - $200 but because of it's SEO importance we are offering it as part of our standard package.

Not only will your website design look great, but with your free SSL certificate we are removing customers doubt and worry about the security of your website. Having an HTTPS website tells your customer that your website is secure and they are safe to enter their information.

Not all SSL certificates are made equal

Not all SSL certs are equal, the ones we offer have an A rating.
SSL Labs
You can test your SSL certificate here .

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