6 Things to Consider Before Creating Your Website

Creating Your Website

Having a website is really important and can help grow your business but if it's not done right it can end up being a liability rather than an asset. Before you build your website, you need to take some time to think about what you need from your website. The following is a short list of some of the things you should consider before creating your new website.

1 Your Audience

Who are you hoping will visit your website? What will they be searching? Who are your ideal customers? You should be building your website for your ideal clients, after you have decided who they are and what their searching you should keep this in mind when writing the content and designing the website.

2 The Website's Size

How big does your website need to be? A general rule is that larger websites will cost you more money; will your site be five pages or 50 pages? Having a larger website is sometimes better for SEO reasons but I still wouldn't recommend creating a large site and spreading out the content.

3 Hosting and Domain name

Not all hosts are created equally. I'd recommend shopping around and reading reviews about hosting companies. I've been stung in the past with hosting companies that charge a lot but offer very little. Will your website be getting a lot of traffic? If so then you may need a dedicated VPS(Virtual Private Server).

4 Selling Online

Are you planning to sell products online? If so, then you'll need a "secure" website. Most credit card handlers won't let you take payments through your website without an SSL certificate(https).


If I'm being honest there are very few reasons to have a website without having it search engine optimized. If you don't know much about SEO(search engine optimization) then you may need to hire someone or read up about it. I've read several books and this blog has lots of great SEO tips for free but I'd highly recommend reading 'How To Get to the Top of Google' by Tim Kitchen.

6 Updating Your Website

How often will you need to update your website's content? Do you plan to update weekly or monthly? You may need a website that has a simple CMS(content management system) or a complex one.

Thanks for reading.

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