Why is My Website Not Showing in Google Search Results?

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You could have the best-looking website around with incredible loading speed and packed with SEO but if it's not indexed on Google then people are not going to see it.

What is the Google Index?

Google builds an index for your website by crawling it and checking all the links. It indexes your pages and decides where to show them in search results. This is why it's important to have Google crawl your website.

How to check if your website is indexed?

There is an Index report in Google Search Console:
Google Search Console
Google site: search operator
You can also check by using the search operator e.g site:https://wonderfulwebsites.ie

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Why isn't Google Indexing The Pages On Your Website?

Here are a few things to check that might be causing Google to not index your website.
Check your robot.txt file, it might be telling Google not to index your website.
Also, check your website Meta data tags, there might be a 'NoIndexed' tag there.

Error 404: Your pages/links are broken. If a page is not loading or they're not linked correctly then Google might not be able to find them when their bots crawl your website.
You can use this great tool to check broken links, Broken Link Checker.

Duplicate content: Google hates duplicate content, do you have the same content on several pages? If so then Google might make the choice to only index a few of them that it sees as relevant.
You can check duplicate content on Copy Scape.

Plagiarism: Have you taken content from another website? Google checks this and will drop your pages from search results if you have. It might also just give you a terrible ranking for it.
You can also check for plagiarism on Copy Scape.

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