We're Living In a Time Of A Revolution - Web Presence Matters


We're living in a time of a revolution, the way people find companies to do business with and they way companies attract customers attention has changed.

Fewer customers are paying attention to the companies that have big budget TV ads. We are now paying attention to the ones that have web content and an online presence. These days practically everyone turns to the Web first when searching for anything, from what's the best kettle to buy to what is the best accounting firm for my SME.
Companies and consumers are no longer under the tyranny of the mainstream media to get what they want.
Instead of trying to get customers attention with expensive ads we can now publish a website with useful information and target exactly the people who are interested for free(or a small price).
People are arriving at the virtual doorsteps of businesses.
In order to attact new customers you need to stop interrupting people and start getting found by them instead.
Clearly, a great Web presence is critical for any business wishing to do more than just survive.

The great news is that for most businesses, their competitors are doing such a poor job with their website, seo and online marketing that it's often easy to dominate search engines for their market.

In case you're wondering, I think this is the best kettle out there.

Thanks for reading.
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