Thousands of businesses in Ireland don't have a website - and it's not their's website design companies

Looking for a website can be confusing for business owners in Ireland. I have heard many reasons for this and from a wide range of clients. A lot of it has to do with the website companies in Ireland and it's giving the website business a bad name but we're trying to fix that.


Pricing is always on your mind when you start looking for a website. The issue here is confusion amongst customers as to what they are getting for their money and often the price is too high. The language used by website companies in Ireland expects you to have a lot of knowledge about website design and how the internet works. Let's face it when you have no idea what you're getting and how much something costs it becomes a lot harder and more confusing.

You may find this hard to imagine in times like this but a lot of website design companies don’t bother answering email requests for websites.

This I feel is down to poor processing by large website design companies or maybe they're not interested in a particular project.

Another process used by large web design companies is, read email, send out price. This is doing a huge disservice to the client. The client sees the price, still doesn’t really know what they are getting and adds it to the list of other prices and makes a decision usually based on their budget.

We have a new approach which I think is helping both us and our clients.

When we get a new request we respond with a price range (depending on what they're looking for) and we offer to do a mock up website for free with no obligation to buy. This allows the client to see what they're paying for and we are so confident in our designs and prices that it has a success rate of about 70%.

The free website mock up allows the client to see that our designs are the highest quality and for a fantastic price.

Helping the Client and not worrying about Scope Creep

Website design business are obsessed with something called Scope Creep.

Scope creep (as you may or may not know) is when your quoted website starts going outside of its scope because the client wants to make changes.

When a website design company make a proposals it spells out clearly what you are getting and they are not going to add anything extra without increasing the price. The reasoning for this is "time is money".

When a client asks us for something extra ( a gallery here, an additional feature there) I will always to do it for free. Website designers are not building a house or adding parts to a car so there isn't any real extra costs involved other than time. I'd rather spend a little bit more time making the customer happy than trying to con them out of their money. This is something I've learned from some of the best businesses I have worked with, they will tell you that if you do a little something extra for someone it will come back in your favour.

Also I find it hard to say No. I am a helper by nature.

Thanks for reading, if you're considering having a website built why not contact us and we can send you a free mock website.

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