Website Redesign

If your website is a few years old then it may not be a mobile friendly website.
Since the 21st of April 2015 Google has been giving preference to Mobile Friendly Websites. So you could be losing customers that are searching for your business on a mobile device.
There have also been lots of new features in web development in the past few years and you might have missed them. Features like being able to call directly from the page on a smart phone or having your Twitter, Instagram or Facebook page updates on your website.

We can upgrade your website to latest web design standards.

The great thing about having your website redesigned is that your competitors may not have updated their website in a few years, this can give you a massive advantage over them. With the new SEO algorithms being introduced by Google, if their website is not mobile friendly and yours is then you will notice a massive improvement in your rank on Google.

Example of a Website Redesign - We did for

Website Redesign

Older websites are often slower at loading. Google loves a fast loading website so we test and optimise all of our websites with Googles page ranking. People will only wait an average of 5 seconds for a page to load, our website use server side caching to ensure they load in less the 2.8 seconds.

Example of our Website Redesign - Before and After

Below is a before and after image of a website we redesigned and made Mobile Friendly.

You can find the website here Maclyn Conservation Joinery

Website Redesign

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