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Why you should let us write Content for your Website.

When we are designing your website we spend a lot of time on choosing the web design and build for website but it doesn’t end there. Unlike most web design companies who will only look after the development of your site, we also like to help with your content(text) and here is why.

Keyword Research


1. We research what your customers are searching, and what your competitors websites are doing

Knowledge is the key when putting together content for your website. We will get to know your industry and its customers. We will then build this into your websites content to showcase your services and product in the best light.

2. We never copy content from anyone else

Even though we are researching your competitors’ website, it is important to never copy content. Obviously we don’t want your website to be the same as everyone else and we want your website to stand out from your competitors. But the main reason we never do this is because of the search engines. Google is clever and will notice this and this will land the website with penalties, where the site is dropped, under their content duplication rule.

3. Often our clients will offer to copy their print marketing

one of the most common mistakes that a website owner can do is to copy and paste the marketing materials from the brochures onto the website. Writing for the Web is very different from writing for print. The way the Web works is different from print and the writing needs to reflect that. There is a great blog post on it here.

Keyword Research readable

4. We make Content Easy to Read

When writing for your website we put ourself in the shoes of your customers and visitors to your site. We don’t use overcomplicated words as this may look fancy but it will put off the reader and may confuse them. We make sure your website has a clear and concise message about who you are, what you can do for them and why they should choose to work with you.

5. We try keep pages short and to the point

Nowadays people don’t have the time to sit down and read all the wonderful things about your company. If a visitor see lines and lines of text they may lose interest and click that dreaded back button. So when we are writing your content we think about having a targeted message for each section of your website.

6. We write for your Readers and Search Engines

Search engines are important to get readers, but if your writing is only tailored towards search engines, you will quickly lose readers. When we write using keywords, we use them enough so that it's recognised (by Google) as the topic but not so much that your readers notice. If we were put the same words repeated in a sentence, it would be too much for the reader and we also don't use keywords more than twice in a paragraph for the same reason.

7. We use Images to Expand on your Text

Content is important to get your company’s message across and get a higher rating on search engines but it can be boring for the user to just look at text on the pages. Using images will help give life to a page and keep the interest in the reader. Images can also project your message in ways that content cannot do, after all we all know that a picture is worth a thousand words.

8. We don't self-edit your content

(at least not right away) - When we are building your free mock up website we have somebody to write your content after it is approved we then have someone else to edit the writing.


The content plays a really important part to having a successful website and if your website isn't successful then we have not done our job. If you don't already have a website, your can take the first step to getting your business online and click the free mock up button below to request a mock up website. We can build a free mock up site and send it to you with no obligation to purchase.

Thanks for reading.

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