If You Own a Website Then Stop What Your Doing And Set Up Cloudflare


If you have a website but haven't heard of Cloudflare then I'd advise you to read on.

    My main two reasons for using Cloudflare are...
  • 1. It speeds up your website by allowing it to be accessed on a local server and it has 100% uptime(no downtime)
  • 2. It improves my websites security like you wouldn't believe

Increased Website Performance

Cloudflare is a CDN (Content Delivery Network)that will cache your static pages, JavaScript, CSS, Images, and everything else on their fast servers that are located all around the world.
This means if someone visits my website in London then they won't be redirected to my server in Ireland anymore, they will now get the cached website from a server in London, the same works if a client was to visit in any part of the world. My website is always on a strategically located server close by.
I have seen my websites loading speed increase from 1.2 seconds to 0.748 seconds....this might not seem like a lot but if a client has a slow connection this can make a massive difference.

Fantastic Security

Doctor Who Fantastic

Using CloudFlare protects against threats like... a DDOS attack, SQL injection, Comment form spam, excessive bot crawling, email harvesters(this has been a problem for me), and much more. This is done automatically and so there is no configurations needed and no security plugins or tools. Simply select your security level( I have chosen Medium). CloudFlare will learn about your site and it's visitors and adjust its security as needed.
Cloudflare filters out most of the spam attacks at the Name-server level this means that these requests don't even hit your server. They have millions of malicious ip addresses that are blocked, their software is smart and is constantly learning from all the websites that it supports.

How it works


Cloudflare has servers all over the world....including in Dublin.

Cloudflare network

Thanks for reading.

Enabling cloudflare on website is just one of the many features offered by Wonderful Websites.
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